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IMD alumnus leads in digital

Christophe Regnault won an award for 3-stage digital action plan
March 2017

The introduction of an innovative digital marketing culture at OneLife, a Luxembourg-based wealth management specialist, has earned Christophe Regnault the first ever Luxemburg “Digital Personality of the Year Award.”

After completing his IMD EMBA in 2014, Christophe joined OneLife as Digital Marketing Manager where he immediately set out to transform the digital culture of the financial services company.

Regnault met initially with “a hefty dose of skepticism,” and was led to believe that the company’s business partners were too traditional to embrace change. He launched a survey provocatively entitled ‘R U #Digital?’ and organized a series of face-to-face interviews. He discovered, on the contrary, that there was a high level of expectation and belief in the potential of digital to improve business. The problem, he found out, was not change, it was the management of change.

Focusing not on the tools, but on people, Regnault drew up an action plan that was implemented organically in three successive stages. The key was a high degree of input and collaboration from everyone involved, and an agile structure that reported directly to the CEO and CIO.

Stage 1: Raise awareness internally

Regnault started by leading 25 internal workshops to raise awareness on the potential of digital and social channels and help his colleagues maximize their profiles, namely on accessible platforms such as Linkedin. 70% of employees attended the workshops on a voluntary basis, with 86% indicating that the content had exceeded their expectations.

Within eight months, the overall SSI (Social selling index) of both the company and its employees had risen to number one in the country for the finance industry.

Stage 2: Develop an integrated, brand-driving digital platform

He then seized the opportunity of a rebranding project to work in close collaboration with the IT department and alongside the sales and marketing teams to integrate digital tools and metrics into the new identity.  They developed a UX-driven website powered by user-friendly content, along with CRM and campaigning tools.

The result was so successful that colleagues rallied around the digital change and the new eco-system was welcomed by the business partners.

Stage 3: Encourage buy-in

Above all, Regnault was hoping to get everyone involved in the process. When one of the participants came up with the idea of an app for business partners and end-clients, the proposal was immediately taken up by a group of volunteers and then developed in record time with additional input from the various teams. As a result of the intensive collaborative project, the new tool has instilled a sense of pride throughout the company and contributed to customer satisfaction.

Christophe’s objective of transforming a digital experience into a human experience had been achieved and will continue as he keeps a close eye on the technologies that can contribute to the B-to-B-to-C value chain.

He says that it was during his IMD education that he learned to be concrete and immediately deliver and apply with stakeholders across the organization. “It was a learning journey that you keep on doing throughout your life.”

In recognition of his successful OneLife drive, Christophe Regnault was awarded the Digital Personality of the Year award by the Luxemburg Gala Marketers committee, the first time the award has been given in eight years.

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