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The sun shines bright on the class of Orchestrating Winning Performance

Highlights from IMD’s largest learning program
June 2019

Enthusiasm is still high well into the week, as Switzerland’s hottest days of the year shine upon participants of Orchestrating Winning Performance. The sweltering 38 degrees make for a much longer queue at the ice-cream stand this year!

This afternoon’s line-up is hard to choose from, as all classes seem incredibly relevant for personal growth in the workplace – the reason most participants are here this week. They came to challenge set beliefs and ignite new processes of thinking, all in favor of improving one’s corporate health.

Chances are high they are working for a company that has digital strategy at the top of their agenda. So it seems like a good idea to step into ‘Rethinking Strategy for the Digital Age’ with Goutam Challagalla, Professor of Marketing and Strategy who helps us make sense of the topic and cut through the virtual noise.

The digital age is forcing companies to rethink their strategy. But they are confused because of conflicting advice. The confusion is quickly echoed in the classroom with the varying interpretations of what digital strategy actually is.

There is no digital strategy,” the Professor sets the tone quickly. What there is, is just strategy, and even there, confusion settles in. Strategy is about balancing the today with tomorrow and finding the right roadmap to take one’s business into the future. Taking examples from Hollywood, Toys ‘r’ Us, and Walmart vs Amazon, he underlines the importance of future-proofing your business. “The more successful your business is today, the less you tend to prepare the future, and this is a mistake,” as one can see with the economy today. He encourages strategy that makes you prepare for the future. If not, you’ll face a competition crisis and coast ahead unprepared.

Look around the campus and you surely will have come across “What the Tech” signboards.

Did you know about IMD’s new online portal ‘What the Tech’?

The business potential of new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent robotics, the internet of things (IoT) and blockchain are on executives’ minds in most organizations. The business value of these are still however hard to grasp. So IMD aimed to de-mystify the technology through a new application.

What the TECH? is a new IMD online pedagogical tool that provides examples (through 42 mini case studies) of how organizations use these transformational technologies to design new products, deliver user experiences and develop operational efficiencies.

Participants are invited to reflect on how companies from big corporates to SME’s – Amazon, BlackRock, Credit Suisse and Bossard – create value by applying one (or a combination) of these technologies. Then they are asked to select the top five technology applications that will impact their business in the next three years.

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