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Fit body, smart mind – Coach Sharm gives fitness tips for executives

Sustained leadership involves balancing mental, emotional, and physical health
November 2016

Sometimes after an entire day of thinking the body refuses to move. Though mental exercise is every bit as stimulating as physical exercise, one doesn’t replace the other.

That’s why IMD’s Orchestrating Winning Performance program invited the best personal trainer in Singapore – Coach Sharm from Guru Fitness – to give theoretical, and especially practical, tips for business leaders to keep fit even with busy work and travel schedules.

“Executives are the most hard-working people out there,” Coach Sharm said. “So laziness isn’t in the picture. They are busy, and of course free time is family time, but one must engage the body to keep active and healthy. Cognitive performance is better with physical exercise.”

Coach Sharm

According to Coach Sharm, even just 10 minutes is worthwhile. Taking guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine, adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week. But it doesn’t have to be done in one session. Multiple engagements of 10 minutes, whether it be brisk walking, standing squats, or any number of other exercises, will do the trick.

“The thing is, you just have to tell yourself it’s only 10 minutes,” Coach Sharm said. “Often the hardest part about exercising is putting your fitness shoes on. Once that’s done and you get started, 10 minutes is a breeze and you’ll certainly discover a ‘might as well continue’ attitude to go longer.”

And what business executive isn’t involved in or aware of their company’s marketing and branding. Coach Sharm related encouraging OWP participants to work out with pride.  “Our bodies are our brand. Yes, when you work out, people are looking at you – you are your brand.”

So get moving – you’ll make a positive impression on yourself and others.

Coach Sharm with Guru Fitness gave two wellness sessions at IMD’s Orchestrating Winning Performance program in Singapore.

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