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An inside look at OWP

Participants from IMD’s signature program share their favorite insights
June 2018

IMD just wrapped up its signature program Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP).

OWP is the only program of its kind; executives can customize their week to fit their interests and needs as well as have the opportunity to learn with and from managers from all over the world and from every industry.

Breaking the attendance records of recent years, the 2018 Lausanne edition welcomed over 450 executives from more than 200 organizations, 55 industries, and 62 countries. A number of guests from the international media were also at IMD to experience the program throughout the week.

OWP immerses its participants into 30+ hot topics and trends including: disruption, transformation, digital strategy, change leadership, agile organizations and much more.

IMD caught up with guests and participants to ask them what their favorite quotes were from the insight-packed week.

A selection of favorite OWP quotes of the week by IMD faculty selected by guests and participants:

Erik Meijer, Technology & innovation eCompany Products, Deutsche Telecom, Germany: “Agility is not an option” – Professor Stéphane J. G. Girod

“The true opportunity in fintech innovation lies in the new business models. However senior executives need to have the ability to disrupt themselves and their thinking.”– Professor Arturo Bris

Charlotte Carpenter, General Manager, HR & Training, Europe & Africa Region, Toyota Financial Services (UK): “When you negotiate, it’s key that you understand the business model of the potential partner you are talking with.” – Professor James Henderson

Yvonne Nassar, Head of Customer Strategy & Marketing RAI Amsterdam: “Amazon predictive shipping: from shop then ship, to ship then shop. Amazon has data to predict consumer needs (before we know we need it) for 5% of their products,” – Profess Amit Josh

Seb Murray, Contributor, FT, The Guardian, Business Because, FIND MBA (UK): “This is the golden age for western brands to enter China. WeChat is an equalizer, no matter how big or small a company is.” – Professor Howard Yu

Valère Gogniat, Journalist and Editor, Le Temps (Switzerland): “Being fair is not treating everybody the same way. Being fair is treating people as individuals.” – Professor John Weeks

Conrad Heine contributor to The Economist (UK): “When you can’t anticipate everything (or even anything), you should trust your instincts, stick to your beliefs and stand by your values.” – Professor Tawfik Jelassi

Artur Zanón, Editor, Expansión (Spain): “Leadership is about making hard choices, doing the unexpected, even in face of opposition.” – Professor Tawfik Jelassi

Patrick Chaboudez, journalist, RTS radio (Switzerland): “Our brain limits the perception of risk, and risk is much more frequent than we think.” – Professor Didier Cossin

João Luís Sousa, Adjunct Director, Vida Económica (Portugal): “More than ever governments are going to be important for competitiveness.” – Professor Arturo Bris

Singapore edition of OWP will be held on November 19-23 at the Capella hotel.

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