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Vanina Farber joins the Innovation Council

Marking IMD’s inaugural representation at Innosuisse, IMD Professor and Dean Vanina Farber joins their Innovation Council.

The Board of Directors at Innosuisse has elected seven new members to the Innovation Council, including Vanina Farber, elea Professor of Social Innovation and Dean of the IMD EMBA program.

“I’m deeply honored to join the Innovation Council at Innosuisse,” she said. “My goal is to use my knowledge in social innovation and network from the IMD elea Center to continue nurturing an innovative culture that embraces social sciences. This is crucial for tackling societal grand challenges.”

The work of the Innovation Council involves reviewing, analyzing and taking decisions on funding applications, as well as facilitating the implementation of funding activities. Additionally, the Council also plays a crucial role in drafting proposals for the funding strategy to be approved by the Board of Directors at Innosuisse.

“I’m excited to simultaneously help further IMD’s mission of shaping leaders who transform organizations and contribute to society. While additionally supporting Innosuisse’s goal of promoting sustainable development and Switzerland’s prosperity,” – shared Farber. 

The new members will join the innovation funding agency in January 2024 for a period of four years, while the eight current members of the Innosuisse Innovation Council will leave Innosuisse at the end of 2023.

Farber was elected by the Board of Directors, along with six innovation experts from academia and industry:

  • Gaëlle Andreatta, CTO and Co-founder at Apheros   
  • Toufann Chaudhuri, Technical Director at the DLMS User Association  
  • Christian Lovis, professor at the Facmed at the University of Geneva (UNIGE), and MD Head of the Division of Medical Information Sciences at the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG)  
  • Silvia Quarteroni, Chief Transformation Officer and Head of Innovation Unit at the Swiss Data Science Center   
  • Raphael M Reischuk, Partner and Head of Cybersecurity, Director Consultant Information Security at Zühlke Engineering AG 
  • Gisbert Schneider, Full Professor of Computer-Assisted Drug Design at ETH Zurich, Director of the Singapore-ETH Centre