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IMD MBA introduces summer internship option for participants

MBA participants will have the option to pursue internships without disrupting their schedule, enhancing career prospects and industry connections.
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March 2024

The IMD MBA has addressed a fundamental conundrum: how to design a program that allows students to pursue summer internship opportunities without disrupting what is already an intense 11-month schedule.

Starting with the Class of 2024, students have two options when it comes to filling their summer schedule: take a four-week break in July followed by four weeks of elective courses, or undertake an eight-week, full-time summer internship, which, upon completion of specific assignments, will count towards academic credit.

“From the participant’s point of view, it’s an opportunity to get a head start in the job market, since many companies that offer summer internships use it as a feeder to the permanent roles,” says Omar Toulan, Professor of Strategy and International Management, MBA Dean, and Hilti Chair. “For recruiters, on the other hand, it’s a relatively low-risk opportunity to have first access to a highly skilled talent pool which has already gone through a rigorous selection process.”

Toulan explains that, while the IMD MBA has proactively been notifying the many high-profile companies with which it regularly works, it is up to students to apply for their own internships, which must be approved by the MBA Dean’s office.

The key requirement is that the internship opportunity is career-progressing, for example, a pathway to a permanent job – which is the ideal scenario – or a role that gives students credible work experience in a new field.

“This is the first of many efforts to react to an evolving landscape and enhance our MBA program even further,” said Toulan. “There’s much more to come in 2025.”

The summer internships for IMD MBA students will cover the period of 1 July to 25 August 2024. Organizations interested in more information and the CV book can contact [email protected]. To qualify for our program, internships must be paid.

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