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IMD business school awards over half a million CHF to its 2016 MBA class

25% of all 2016 MBA participants receive scholarships
January 2016

While IMD is well-known for offering one of the world’s best MBAs, it’s also gaining a new reputation as one of the most generous business schools. With the class of 2016 officially starting, 23 of the 90 participants have been awarded partial scholarships to aid in funding their degree.

There are roughly 10 different categories of IMD scholarships ranging from completely merit based awards to those awarded exclusively for emerging markets. And scholarships play a role in supporting IMD’s already diverse MBA pool. In 2016, the 23 scholarship recipients represent 15 nationalities. Brazil was a big winner, with 4 scholarships going to Brazilians hoping to change the future of their country.

“We introduced the Scholarship for Emerging Markets in 2015 to make our program accessible to highly qualified and ambitious leaders everywhere,” said IMD MBA Program Director Ralf Boscheck. “In addition, IMD is committed to helping students through loans and preferential rates.”

Carina Jin, recipient of a 2016 Scholarship for Emerging Markets joins the program from Shanghai, the economic center of China.

“Thanks to the scholarship, I will have less pressure when considering the short-term ROI at graduation, which means more flexibility for opportunities that could benefit long-term career development,” she said.

As an MBA is highly valued in Shanghai and in many parts of Asia, Carina imagines returning to Asia after graduation. “IMD has been a dream school for me and the scholarship has been an amazing opportunity.”

Another award recipient, Artur Umerkaev, having grown up in the middle of the Orient also has his eyes on Asia and in particular helping grow emerging markets and build bridges between East and West.

“An MBA from IMD, famous for its personal and leadership development program, along with my work experience at a multinational company, will allow me to contribute to social and business development in countries in Europe and Asia,” Artur said.
Artur received the Jim Ellert Scholarship, an award given in honor of the well-known business figure in the world of Nestlé.

“I am extremely honoured to be this year’s award recipient,” he said. From Uzbekistan, Artur’s country is rich in history and was a pioneer in medicine and astronomy, with the book “Zij Guragani” serving for centuries as a map of the stars.

But today, even without the “Zij Guragani,” thanks to the recent scholarship awards, Artur and the other 22 recipients are all seeing the stars shine a little brighter.
Below a list of who received what:
The IMD MBA Alumni Scholarships were awarded to Parfait Kouame (Ivory Coast), Mayank Dobhal (India), Gustavo Zanini (Brazil), Aysylu Kaya (Russia) and Dustin Kahler (USA). The IMD MBA Future Leaders Scholarships went to Patrick De Caro (Switzerland), Thales Nunes (Brazil) and Renato Gonzaga (Brazil). The IMD MBA Merit Scholarships went to Luca Gianaschi (Italy), Nico Mareca (USA), Volodymyr Petrenko (Ukraine) and Alice Ben Arous (France). Recipients of the Scholarship for Emerging Markets are Silvia Simoes (Brazil), Oleksandr Tkachencko (Ukraine), Denis Kuzmenko (Kazakhstan), Jin Zheqian (China), Mirela Sima (Romania) and Denis Borisenko (Russia). Artur Umerkaev (Uzbekistan) was awarded the Jim Ellert Scholarship. Charlotte Behrens (Germany) received the Nestlé Scholarship for Women. Andrea Michahelles (Peru) was awarded the Staton Scholarship. Kunal Chandra (India) received the IIAA Scholarship and Shashank Upadhyay (India) was awarded the Stewart Hamilton Scholarship.

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