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IMD pays tribute to Bohdan Hawrylyshyn

The institute honors the memory of one of its founders
October 2016

Looking back on the roots of IMD, the institute honors the memory of Bohdan Hawrylyshyn.

Mr. Hawrylyshyn played an important role in shaping IMD into what it is today. For eighteen years Mr. Hawrylyshyn served as President of IMI (The International Management Institute) in Geneva. In 1990, the IMI joined forces with the IMEDE (Institut pour l’Etude des Méthodes de Direction de l’Entreprise) to form IMD.

While Mr. Hawrylyshyn had a direct impact on what we all know as IMD, his achievements and dedication to higher education extend through numerous activities. He advocated for the creation of an international center for political studies and created both the International Institute of Management in India and the International Institute of Management in Ukraine.

Beyond academic endeavours, Mr. Hawrylyshyn was active in politics in his homeland, Ukraine. He served as an advisor to the first President of Ukraine, as well as an advisor to four parliamentary presidents and three prime ministers.

In the business sector, Mr. Hawrylyshyn was a consultant for several companies including General Electric, IBM, Unilever and Philips.

For all who interacted with Mr. Hawrylyshyn, and for everything he did to shape IMD and numerous other organizations, we pay tribute to his achievements.

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