Timms Matthew_100x120.jpgMatthew Timms 

Chief Digital & Technology Officer

Matthew Timms joined E.ON SE as the Chief Digital Officer in August 2016 leading the digital transformation programme for the E.ON group. Over the next years he built a holistic digital programme touching all areas of the business, including culture, digital re-platforming businesses, IOT, applying AI to wind turbines, grids and customer acquisition / retention.

In 2018, Matthew became responsible for the global digital, data and technology/IT organisation, an organisation comprising over 3,000 people and responsible for over €1.5bn in spend. Building the culture, capabilities and technology transformation to accelerate the delivery of E.ON ambitions to digitalise the energy world for a sustainable and greener future.

Previously he grew the digital transformation, online sales and GTM capability at SAP. Before this he spent over 8 years responsible for commercial P&L leadership of digital business units growing the digital business and customer experience at Santander and the Lloyds Banking Group, where he responsible for a number of industry firsts and innovations.

Matthew has had over 20 years of building innovative digital growth businesses, innovation and capabilities across several industries including software, automotive, pharmaceuticals and financial services. With a strong digital and business leadership background, he has experience in successfully building digital, technology and data transformations within large corporations.

Matthew holds two non-executive board positions, advises the UK Government on Digital transformation for the UK Digital Advisory Board and is a senior advisor to Private Equity.

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewtimms/

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