Michael DounaevDOUNAEV_Michael_100x120.jpg

Managing Director of AVD Asset Management
Producer of 16 internationally acclaimed box office productions

Experience & Background:
After graduating from IMD MBA in 2000, Michael has 20 years of successful business experience and outstanding achievements in media, communication, and fundraising.  Michael has produced a library of 16 feature films presented at all major international forums, including Match Point and Goodbye Bafana, the official biopic of Nelson Mandela. Through strategic innovations and financial incentives, he managed to organize multimillion project fundraising, including private equity, merchandizing and product placement. 
Michael is actively involved in multiple cross-industry workshops, lectures and webinars on communication, business narrative and content visualization.

Expertise & Interests:
Entrepreneurship, marketing, communication, and fundraising.

Contributions to IMD:
IMD electives lecturer, webinar guest speaker, alumni fundraising coordinator.  Connection between IMD and global business community.