Thierry Maupilé

Sr Vice-President, Rakuten Symphony
prev. Executive Vice-President, Altiostar Networks, Inc
prev. Head of Strategic Ecosystem, Chief Strategy Office, Cisco

Experience & Background: Thierry has extensive experience and knowledge in startups and entrepreneurship, telecommunications and strategic partnerships. Previously part of the Chief Technology and Strategy office at Cisco, Thierry was responsible for developing and managing strategic partnerships across all business segments. Prior to that, Thierry held the position of Chief of Strategy for Service Providers at Cisco.

After a stint with Motorola in Europe, Thierry was hired by investors from Silicon Valley to join the senior management team of IPWireless, a start-up in mobile broadband technology. In 2007, he joined the founding team of another start-up, Starent Networks. Following a successful IPO, the company was acquired by Cisco in December 2009 for $3 Billion. He joined the start-up Altiostar Networks in August 2018 who is disrupting the mobile networking infrastructure industry (4G/5G). Thierry holds an MBA degree from IMD (1988) and was instrumental in establishing the IMD Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, an IMD and Cisco initiative. Theirry is the Executive Sponsor of the IMD Alumni Club of Silicon Valley.

Expertise & Interests: Entrepreneurship and startups, telecommunications, technology, strategic partnerships