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Leading through language: Communicating with impact

Discovery event exclusive for NEXUS partners
When 31 October 2024
Where Lausanne

This in-person event occurs in Lausanne on October 31st & November 1st.

Leading through language: Communicating with impact

This interactive session is centered on the transformative role of language in leadership and organizational dynamics. We will discuss three key components of language to enhance your ability to lead with even more impact.

How do leaders divide or include through their use of language ? Drawing on the white paper “Inclusive Language” presented at Davos in 2024 we will focus on how language can support a felt sense of belonging at work.

How do leaders create connection and understanding with their people? Using ‘Clean Language ‘ we will explore the pivotal role of questions to understand, without bias or assumption, the perspective of others.

How do leaders explore the unknown? Experiencing figurative language, we will explore its power in exploring unknown terrain be it the external world of volatility and the internal world of emotions.

Session highlights

  • Discover the pivotal role of language in articulating strategy and enlivening leadership.
  • Learn to employ inclusive language to create cultures of belonging at work.
  • Master the skill of asking clean questions to truly comprehend diverse perspectives.
  • Explore the power of figurative language to engage with the unknown in the internal and external world.


Participants will leave with practical tools and a deeper understanding of how language shapes our leadership narrative and the collective journey towards a shared vision


  • 31 October: 17:00 -21:00 CET (including dinner)
  • 01 November: 09:00-16:30 CET

Who is this for

It is for leaders who wish to communicate more effectively. This could be leaders of businesses and executives in corporate functions especially communications, sustainability and DE&I.