Dr. Jialu Shan  

Economist, Scholar in Asian and Emerging Markets 
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Jialu's research areas include digital business transformation, business model innovation and new practices, and corporate governance practices. She is particularly interested in Asian market.

She obtained her PhD degree in Economics (management) from the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Lausanne (HEC, Lausanne) in 2012. Before joining IMD she worked as a lecturer at the International Hotel School of César Ritz Colleges in Brig, Switzerland.


Jialu has published works on a variety of topics, including business model innovation and digital innovation in the Asian market.


Academic Journals

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Case Studies

Yu, H., Shan, J. (2018). Disrupting the disruptors: How Ovopark breathes new life into the bricks-and-mortar store, IMD-7-2046, IMD Business School, Lausanne.

Wade, M., Fang, Y., Shan, J. and Yang, Y. (2016). Uber takes on China, IMD-7-1807, IMD Business School, Lausanne.

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Articles and Reports

Yu, H and Shan, J. (2019). How to make AI transformation more likely to succeed. Chapter included in report “AI & the Future of Work”, Credit Suisse Research Institute Davos Edition 2019. Available at https://www.credit-suisse.com/corporate/en/research/research-institute.html

Wade, M. and Shan, J. (2019). TikTok: the world’s most valuable startup that you’ve never heard of. Original published in the Conversation (available at https://theconversation.com/tiktok-the-worlds-most-valuable-startup-that-youve-never-heard-of-109302), also published in Channel New Asia, Slate.fr, Tech Central (South Africa), Business Standard (India), International Business Times, and a few others. Also published in the Conversation French.

Wade, M. and Shan, J. (2018). Alibaba’s Singles’ Day report card: Both impressive and disappointing. Original published in WWD Think Tank (available at https://wwd.com/business-news/business-features/think-tank-singles-day-1202906520/), also published in Lednytt (Norway), Nettavisen (Norway), Retail Magisinet (Norway), Företagande (Sweden).

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