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Digital Innovation and Transformation
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Nikolaus Obwegeser is Associate Director and Research Fellow at the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation at IMD. His teaching, research, and consulting focuses on digital transformation and innovation.

Nikolaus studied and worked in Austria, Germany, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland. After receiving a PhD from the Vienna University of Economics and Business he worked as a scientific project manager at the Institute for Supply Chain Management at the European Business School in Wiesbaden, Germany. Prior to joining IMD, he worked for 5 years at Aarhus University, Denmark where he received his tenure as Associate Professor for Information Systems.  Throughout his academic career, he has been awarded various research and teaching commendations as well as grants to support his work.


Nikolaus has published works on a variety of topics in the areas of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Decision Making, IS development and IT management, as well as Educational Technology.


(Digital) Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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IS development and IT management

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Educational Technology

Papadopoulos, P. M., Natsis, A., Obwegeser, N., & Weinberger, A. (2018). Enriching Feedback in Audience Response Systems: Analysis and Implications of Objective and Subjective Metrics on Students’ Performance and Attitudes. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. https://doi.org/10.1111/jcal.12332

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