Dr. Nikolaus Obwegeser  

Researcher in Digital Innovation and Transformation
[email protected]



Nikolaus Obwegeser is an Information Systems scholar and author. He holds a PhD degree (Dr.) in social and economic sciences awarded by the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria) in 2011. He has experience with IT-projects in the banking area and worked as an IT-consultant for multiple years before moving into academia. Nikolaus’ research interests center around the role of technology in organizations and society, with a particular focus on digital transformation and innovation. Before joining IMD, Nikolaus was an Assoc. Prof. for Information Systems at Aarhus University, Denmark.


Nikolaus has published works on a variety of topics in the areas of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Decision Making, IS development and IT management, as well as Educational Technology.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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IS development and IT management

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Educational Technology

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