The Center for Future Readiness
We help organizations in every industry navigate a reality of constant disruption.
Our mission

The Center for Future Readiness will produce the Future Readiness Indicator, which measures how prepared industry incumbents are for the future. For instance, think of the Automotive Industry racing to shift away from the internal combustion engine towards electric and hybrid vehicles, or driverless cars that run on algorithms.  

The Future Readiness Indicator is a composite of proxies that are proven by management research to predict an organization’s adaptability quotient — such as revenue generation or research and development spending. The ranking gauges within a given industry such as Financial Services, Technology, and Fashion Brands which companies are ready for a bold new frontier.  

Such organizations are guided by leaders who are curious about the external world. We will conduct in-depth investigations to uncover the human story behind company transformation and identify the universal features of the most visionary leaders.  

The center will publish its original findings and the rankings will be made public so that companies can upload their own data to benchmark themselves against the most forward-thinking firms. The center aims to facilitate the learning and development of organizations, helping them to stay curious, exchange ideas and implement a new purpose.  


Our vision


We will conduct original research, with the findings translated into new pedagogy, creating fresh case studies, online programmes and diagnostic tools for organizations to carry out their own business transformation.  


The center will promote dialogue between practitioners trying to navigate an uncertain world, facilitate knowledge sharing and inspire change. Original thought leadership will be disseminated beyond academia through mainstream media, industry consortia and executive workshops. 


By shining a light on the companies that are most ready for change within their leadership and strategies, the center will encourage action.

Our leadership

The center is led by Howard Yu, LEGO Professor of Management and Innovation, specializing in technological innovation, strategic transformation and change mangement. Professor Yu directs IMD's liVe virtual Future Readiness Strategy program and online Business Growth Strategies program. He is the author of LEAP: How to Thrive in a World Where Everything Can Be Copied, an award-winning, best-selling book.  


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