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Inspiring what could be, we want to shape the future of a more innovative, relevant, and environmentally and socially responsible luxury.

Our mission

The IMD Luxury Alumni Community is a trusted community in which we help each other to learn and develop continuously. We are joining forces to help each other and to share experiences, learnings and views on the future of luxury in an informal environment; and to address the challenges and transformations our brands are experiencing, while providing mutual support and helping each other grow.

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A group of several hundred IMD alumni working across a wide range of luxury industries, our enthusiasm is the result of many years and exposure to different programs. Our meeting through the IMD Luxury Alumni Community is often the first encounter we have had with each other. Join us today.

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Stéphane J. Girod
Professor Stéphane J. Girod
Professor of Strategy and Organizational Innovation

Stéphane J.G. Girod is Professor of Strategy and Organizational Innovation at IMD. His research, teaching and consulting interests focus on agility transformation, at the strategy, organizational and leadership levels in…