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Enabling current and future leaders to work towards a more diverse, fair, and inclusive future.


Enabling current and future leaders to work towards a more diverse, fair, and inclusive future.

The value of creating a diverse and inclusive workforce has been proven many times over. However, it isn’t only about the business case. It is also about doing the right thing.

In our work with more than 11,000 senior executives each year, we actively challenge the biases – conscious or subconscious – that we encounter. We encourage business leaders to consider the impacts of their decisions, reduce deeply ingrained inequalities, and contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable future. Most importantly, we ask leaders and organizations this fundamental question: What do you stand for?

Today, knowing how to grow diversity and implement inclusive leadership has become a ‘must-have’ management skill. Through our practice-based know-how, research, thought leadership, and programs, we help you to translate good intentions into real and sustainable behavioral change.

At IMD we are also on our journey towards being a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. Find out more about our mission, position, and DE&I change model here.

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Inclusive leadership program

Do you have what it takes to champion DE&I in the workplace?

IMD’s Inclusive Leadership program takes you on a journey of self-reflection and growth to uncover the complexities of identity, culture, and intersectionality, and identify what it really means to adopt an inclusive mindset. Learn how to overcome barriers to inclusion, communicate effectively with diverse teams, and implement diversity management strategies for organizational success.


Whether you are at the beginning of your DE&I journey, have been working on it for some time but have stalled, or have been working on DEI&I for decades and are wondering who can challenge you further, Our DE&I advisory team can help you on your journey of helping your organizations work toward a more diverse, inclusive, and fair future. 

Using a collaborative approach, we engage with organizations at all levels, from the c-suite to individual contributors, to work together to create a strategic, personal, or operational-level approach to achieving your DE&I ambitions. 

Contact our Senior Adviser, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Josefine van Zanten to find out more.

IMD is proud to partner with The Female Quotient, which seeks to close the gender gap in the workplace. Established in 2013, The Female Quotient has created the world’s largest community of women in business and offers curated experiences, though leadership, and solutions to achieve gender equality.

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Inclusion is at the core of what organizations need to be working towards. If you get this right, diversity will thrive

Josefine van Zanten Senior Adviser, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion