Business efficiency and productivity (part II)

In this Criterion of the Month, we continue to explore the relationship between business efficiency and productivity, and the institutional framework.

Evidence presented in our February 2017 Criterion showed that institutions consistently played a significant role in the efficiency and productivity of the private sector.

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Brexit: A Year After

It is a little more than a year since Britain surprised pundits and analysts by voting to exit the European Union. In the last few months, economic and financial publications have been comparing the evolution of different dimensions of the economy. 

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Criterion of the Month - July 2017

A new publication at the IMD World Competitiveness center 

The World Digital Competitiveness Ranking 

Technology changes at great speed and affects not only how businesses function but also how countries perform today and evolve in the future. From 3D-printing, robotics, and neuro-technology to digital-currencies and e-participation the landscape of current capabilities and future prospects changes swiftly. In order for the decision makers in both public and private sectors of an economy to address this rapid transformation, it needs to be quantified and accounted for. 

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Criterion of the Month - May 2017

Do more adaptive economies exhibit higher productivity?

The new ranking recently released by the IMD World Competitiveness Center prompts to a host of different inquiries, particularly with respect to the new criteria utilized.

The IMD World Digital Ranking provides a measure of a country’s ability to adopt and explore digital technologies that ultimately lead to transformation in government, business and societal practices. 

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Criterion of the Month - June 2017

Can competitiveness data predict the French election?

April 23 is the first round of the French Presidential election. As with many recent elections, there is an intense interest in the outcome, especially with Le Pen as a contender and with Trump and Brexit still making daily headlines.

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Criterion of the Month - April 2017