Inclusive Future

Measuring inclusion and inclusive leadership to build inclusive organizations in turbulent times.

How to measure inclusion and inclusive leadership to create inclusive pluralistic organizational cultures that are resilient to navigate turbulent times? The independent academic research Inclusive Future delivered by IMD and sponsored by Philip Morris International (PMI) answers this question and provides state-of-the-art definitions of inclusion and inclusive leadership and best practices to measure them for accelerated impact. Divided into three parts, we scrutinize the concept of inclusion, how it is measured and how inclusive leadership can help in creating sustainable inclusive work cultures.

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Inclusive Future
Part I

What actually is inclusion? What is inclusive leadership? How to define and measure it? Part I of Inclusive Future provides a comprehensive definition of core components of inclusion and inclusive leadership to guide Equity, Inclusion & Diversity work.

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Part one
Part II

How do the tremendous changes we are witnessing since 2020 impact inclusion and inclusive leadership? Part II of Inclusive Future shows how #MeToo, Black Lives Matter and socioeconomic inequalities highlighted and exacerbated by COVID-19 together with technological transformation and newer generations reshape inclusion and inclusive leadership: uniqueness and fairness & equity together with psychological safety are needed and inclusive leadership should evolve into a collective process where everybody can be part of creating an inclusive culture.

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Part two
Part III

How to measure inclusion and inclusive leadership going forward? Part III provides a comprehensive roadmap to successfully measure inclusion and inclusive leadership for best impact and accelerated inclusion to create an inclusive pluralistic organizational culture in the 2020s.

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Part three
The Inclusive Future research has equipped PMI with tools to impactfully improve inclusivity within our culture. The deep dive into what makes businesses and leaders inclusive, and what measurement tools exist, gave me extensive insights into PMI’s needs going forward. I am excited to use these recommendations and to share their impact.
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