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The Sustainable and Inclusive Business Center drives the sustainability agenda


The Sustainable and Inclusive Business Center drives the sustainability agenda

The Center for Sustainable and Inclusive Business is as a global research hub at the forefront of sustainability strategy and leadership, where executives and researchers engage to co-develop solutions to the grand societal challenges of our time.

The center, which receives funding from the Adolf H. Lundin Charitable Foundation,  Rio Tinto, and dentsu Group, as well as from IMD,  brings together research, innovation, and learning to drive sustainable business transformation.

The Center for Sustainable and Inclusive Business:

Seeks out diverse viewpoints to explore and share new insights, best practices, and innovative thinking on corporate sustainability leadership.

Leverages IMD’s expertise in applied research and developing global leaders, focusing on the organizational and systemic changes required for sustainable transformations.

Regularly engages a community of corporate sustainability leaders and practitioners in a series of collaborative learning events.

Partners with leading organizations to advance the sustainability agenda.

In 2023, we published two FT50 articles, 14 conference papers, 14 original cases, eight other practitioner articles, and 60 I by IMD articles. We also published or contributed to more than 100 pieces of philanthropy research content, including 11 FT50 articles. As part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative, we published two FT50 academic journals, 56 I by IMD articles, and five case studies.

Our teaching cases are recognized for their rigor and relevance to teaching how organizations and leaders drive and manage sustainable transformation. Several received awards in 2023.

At IMD, we not only focus on how we as an institution can contribute to sustainability through our teaching, research, and outreach but also on how we can embed sustainable processes and behaviors into our own culture and operations.

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Leveraging our close ties to the business world, the Center seeks to break new ground for impact-driven research by providing actionable thought leadership that enables business leaders to drive the change towards an environmentally sustainable and inclusive world.

Julia Binder Executive Director of the Center for Sustainable and Inclusive Business
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By developing responsible leaders, we shape a world where businesses contribute to a healthy planet and more equitable society.

Natalia Olynec Chief Sustainability Officer
Our team

Our programs

Our custom programs offer the opportunity to work with our world-class faculty to co-design learning solutions that shape impactful strategies into sustainable growth.  

Our open programs incorporate responsible business leadership and sustainable practices as key themes. We also offer targeted courses on sustainability, which focus on a range of topics to enable your sustainable business journey.


IMD works with senior leaders in an advisory capacity, helping them address critical issues, of which sustainability is increasingly important. Through IMD Pathfinder®, we engage with top leaders and their organizations to accelerate strategies, strengthen or reinvent their core, and explore paths to create transformative businesses.  

Our latest Sustainability Report

In 2023, we achieved significant milestones that underscore our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment and fostering inclusion. These achievements motivate us to continue with our efforts. We continued to deepen the integration of sustainability into our programs this year.

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