Open Programs

Grow your talent and develop your leaders.
A selection of our open programs.

Open Programs

Grow your talent and develop your leaders.
A selection of our open programs.

IMD has a wide offering of 70+ programs covering leadership, general management, sustainability, digital transformation, innovation, governance, and more; delivered in different modes (face to face, liVe virtual, hybrid on demand and blended) to best fit each company and participant’s style and needs. Browse below a selection of our programs by category.

  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Digital transformation
  • Board/governance
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • General Management Programs

    General management programs allow participants to broaden their cross-functional knowledge and develop essential new leadership capabilities.


    A wide variety of leadership programs which allow executives and teams to develop their strengths, mobilize teams, steer organizational change, and restore confidence in these challenging times.

    Mastering Stress Sprint
    Online program. 14 days (1-2 hours per day)

    For all executives and leaders. Provide your employees with the necessary tools to boost resilience and restore wellbeing in their work and personal lives. Participants will learn valuable science-backed strategies and tools to create healthy and positive workplaces, boost resilience and truly thrive in the workplace and beyond.

    Digital Transformation Programs

    Prepare your organization’s digital future by upskilling your leaders. Stay ahead in the digital age and equip your talent with the latest tools, knowledge and skills to understand data and harness digital disruption.

    Corporate Governance Programs

    A broad portfolio of board programs for leaders to develop essential governance skills and prepare the company’s board to face the challenges of a complex world.

    Innovation Programs

    IMD’s innovation courses are designed to ensure that strategic innovation becomes an integral part of your leaders’ style, providing tools for implementing innovation while driving strategies that ensure the business remains competitive amid disruption.


    For a personalized learning solution for your organization, explore our custom programs