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Organizations of every size and shape today know it’s crucial to bridge the gap between innovation and execution – but it’s a hard feat to accomplish and very often they get it...

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Leading in turbulent times

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Tune into our monthly webinars with IMD Professors. Next up: Professor Jennifer Jordan and Executive Coach Francesca Giulia Mereu will debunk resilience myths, revealing potential risks to psychological well-being.

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Leading systems change

No organization can escape the need to transform to become more sustainable. The need to act is urgent. It calls for strong leadership, difficult decisions, and deep cultural change. In the September issue of I by IMD, we explore how to build sustainable organizations to succeed in turbulent times.

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CEO Dialogue with Henrik Andersen

Vestas CEO discusses the challenges of navigating supply chain disruptions and soaring raw material costs over the past three years, and why he changed the wind farm developer's culture to encourage openness and trust.

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In this series, we share real-world, practical coaching scenarios. Read on to discover the specific challenges highlighted in the cases and the insights that could help you navigate and find solutions to your own multifaceted challenges.

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Brain Circuits

Tip #1: lead don't manage

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Insights into the world of Venture Capital

In this new series from IMD and its Venture Asset Management Initiative, experts explore the dynamic realm of venture capital. Where innovation meets investment, and ideas transform into thriving enterprises.

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I by IMD & The Female Quotient

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What makes a great leader? Do you need charisma? How do you inspire your team? Our experts offer actionable insights through first-person narratives, behind-the-scenes interviews and The Help Desk.
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