How frequently do the GLC programs run?

Each program is offered twice a year. There is a spring and autumn session so you can choose the session that best fits your schedule. For precise dates please refer to the individual program.

How long is the program?

The program takes place over 8 weeks. You must meet the weekly deadlines for submission of assignments to successfully complete the program.

How much time do I need to allocate to study?

On average, each week’s learning requires 4-6 hours of study.

Do I need special software or other tools?

No special software is needed. You simply need a good broadband internet connection. You will receive a compatibility test link before the program starts to ensure you can access the materials.

Must I attend the online sessions at a fixed time each week?

No. The video sessions are pre-recorded. The structure is highly flexible, which means that you access the material in your own time and study at your pace. For the group assignments, you will need to find a common time that works for all your group members.

Typical class size

The average class size is 50 participants to ensure a truly personal learning experience in an internationally diverse group.

Typical class profile

These programs are designed for ambitious executives who want to get ahead in business. Participants usually have on average 6-10 years of experience managing projects of business units at a regional or country level.

Will I be able to see the profile of the other participants during the course?

Yes a lot of emphasis will be placed on interaction throughout the program. You will build connections with the other participants and will also have opportunities to work on assignments and other activities in small groups.


How do I learn?

You learn via readings, videos, case studies, individual assignments, virtual group work, a summative assessment/capstone project and with personalized feedback from an IMD coach. You receive new teaching materials each week which build on the previous week’s learning. On request, your program advisor will give you the latest course overview for the program of your choice.

Faculty and program coach

The program is designed and delivered by IMD’s world-class teaching Faculty. Your program coach will interact with you to ensure you can successfully apply the learning to your specific business context.

Do I get individual coaching?

You receive support from your program coach throughout the program including regular feedback on your weekly assignment. You also receive feedback and grading on your final assessment. By the end of your program you will have demonstrated your ability to embed the program learning in your specific business context.

Is there a program schedule I can see?

The program brochure provides you with an overview of the learning journey. Once you have been accepted on the program you will have access to the detailed program syllabus.

How am I graded?

You will be graded on your individual assignments, your online participation and your final evaluation/assessment.

Do I receive IMD certification?

If you successfully complete all the weekly assignments within the deadlines and the capstone project / summative assignment, you receive IMD certification and become a member of IMD’s alumni community network. If you do not successfully complete your individual assignments, do not hand in your assignments on time or are not successful in your final evaluation/assessment you will not pass the program and will not become an alumnus or receive certification.


What is the fee?

Individuals CHF 3’900
IMD Alumni CHF 3’500

IMD Corporate Learning Network (CLN) members receive a number of complimentary
seats in addition to a wide range of further benefits and services. If you are applying via your
corporation, please check internally that you are eligible to apply before submitting your


IMD does not provide GLC scholarships or discounts.

Payment deadline

Payment must be made before the program starts.

Registration deadline

The registration deadline varies per program. Please find the 2017 deadlines below:

Leading Strategic Initiatives
LSI 1 April 24 - June 16 Closed
LSI 2 September 4 - October 27 Friday, August 18


Being Innovative
BI 1 May 1 - June 23 Closed
BI 2 September 25 - November 17 Friday, September 8


Building Business Sustainability
BBS October 23 - December 15 October 6


Changing Employee Behavior
CEB October 23 - December 15 October 6


Finance Fundamentals for Executives
FFE 1 May 15 - July 7 Closed
FFE 2 October 23 - December 15 Friday, October 6


Leveraging Strategic Partnerships
LSP 1 April 24 - June 16 Closed
LSP 2 September 11 - November 3 Friday, August 25


Pricing Excellence in Tough B2B Markets
PE 1 May 15 - July 7 Closed
PE 2 October 23 - December 15 Friday, October 6


Strategic Thinking
ST 1 April 24 - June 16 Closed
ST 2 September 4 - October 27 Friday, August 18


Learning Leadership
LL 1 May 15 - July 7 Closed
LL 2 October 23 - December 15 Friday, September 15


Marketing Management
MM 1 May 8 - June 30 Wednesday, May 3
MM 2 October 2 - November 24  Friday, September 15


Digital Disruption
DD 1 May 8 - June 30 Closed
DD 2 October 23 - December 15 Friday, October 6