How confident are you about managing the digital disruption taking place in your industry? Michael Wade, IMD professor of Innovation & Strategy, explains why you should attend this course if you are dealing with digital disruption in your business.

Why this online course is for you

This program helps you to better manage digital disruption and navigate through organizational transformation. Latest research indicates that by 2020, 4 of today’s top 10 companies by market share will be displaced, therefore it is essential to be well prepared today. The program teaches you to:

  • Identify your challenges and opportunities for digital transformation
  • Develop an effective digital strategy
  • Employ tools and frameworks to manage the disruption and gain competitive advantage
  • Create digital value for customers, employees, channel partners and wider stakeholders
  • Become a more confident, agile innovator for your business

Your profile for this online course

You are an individual or team who wants to know more about digital opportunities and threats and is involved in navigating the digital transformation in your organization.

Online course overview 

You start the program by exploring the current state of digital disruption and how different industries are being impacted. The program uses the image of a vortex, which like a whirlpool, draws everything that surrounds it into its center. You see how your industry is also moving toward this “digital center” in which business models, offerings and value chains must be digitized to the maximum extent possible. You learn to identify competitive differentiators in this digital world and how to develop strategies (both offensive and defensive) that can bring advantage to your business. You identify your value drivers and learn how to combine multiple sources of value. You become more digitally agile.

Individual assignments, virtual group work, case studies, readings, video summaries, personalized feedback from your program coach, peer reviews with other participants from across the globe, and personal reflection moments – are all combined to stimulate your thinking, unlock new insights, change habits, and firmly embed the learning.

By the end of the program you will have practical tools and frameworks to help make the transformation happen in your organization.


  • You work with a dedicated personal coach to support you throughout your learning journey

  • You can develop a current project from your own business and apply what you learn to your context

  • You get IMD certification and become part of the outstanding professional IMD Alumni network



 8 weeks of study, 4-6 hours per week.

The flexible schedule allows you to access the material in your own time and study at your pace. You must successfully complete all weekly assignments in order to finish the program and gain IMD certification. 



Program sessions 2017
DD 1 Closed
DD 2 October 23 - December 15


Fee 2017

CHF 3’900 for individual participants / CHF 3’500 IMD alumni

Corporate Learning Network member corporations receive a number of complimentary seats. If you are applying via your company or corporation, please check internally that you are eligible to apply before submitting your application.

Diploma in Digital Business Excellence

To qualify for the IMD Diploma in Digital Business Excellence*, you need to take:

*Please enquire about special program pricing if you wish to pursue the diploma.

Participant feedback

The best online program on digital disruption I have taken so far. Content and structure give you the frame and the clarity to understand how to apply the digital transformation in your own area of responsibility

Sara Gay

Head of Functional Learning & Leadership Curriculum, UniCredit