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Brain Circuits

Six questions to test your company’s agility

IbyIMD+ Published 4 February 2022 in Brain Circuits • 2 min read

Every company should be striving towards strategic agility, which we define as the ability to improve performance during disruptions. This is the critical factor in companies that not just survive but thrive during hard times. We have identified six key principles that contribute to strategic ability. Test where you stand on it with the following questions:

Which would you prioritize: Speed or perfection?

In a crisis, opportunities come and go quickly, so acting fast is more important than quality.

Which is more important: Crafting a strong plan or maintaining flexibility?

While strategic planning is great and a key to mapping a long-term road map showing you how to play to win, in a crisis the plan can lock you into a path that may no longer be relevant. You need to be willing to throw out even a well-crafted plan if the landscape makes a dramatic shift.

Which takes a…

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