An immersive and collaborative journey

For executives who want to get ahead in business and need more flexibility to learn, IMD's Global Leadership in the Cloud are 8-week online programs with a personal coach that take you through an impactful learning journey every week:

  • You engage with the latest business knowledge
  • You connect with your group and work on concrete projects
  • You apply the learning directly to your daily work
  • You interact with your personal coach to reach your learning objectives

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Grow your business through innovation

Drive innovation by gaining insights from the lessons of successful innovators, and develop the tools to continuously innovate in today's world of constant change and uncertainty

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Put sustainability at the heart of your business strategy

Understand what it means to be a sustainable leader and create an action plan of how to introduce sustainability into your business operations.

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Inspire your employees to make positive changes and improve their performance

Create a profound impact in your company by understanding how behavioral change can enhance the performance of your employees through the application of new techniques

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Competing in the digital vortex

Learn how to successfully manage digital disruption and navigate through organizational transformation

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Develop confidence in analysis and managerial finance

Refine your intuition for solving key financial problems, analyze alternatives in decision making and formulate value-maximizing strategies

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Maximize your leadership potential

Lead yourself and others to sustained success and adopt a 'play to win' mindset to breathe new life into your team's performance

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Drive your strategy to successful execution

Understand and overcome the key challenges that come with driving strategic change, and learn practical frameworks to successfully steer your strategic initiative

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Build the right partnerships for your business

Develop a clear roadmap on how to either establish a strategic partnership, or manage a strategic partnership for success

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A value-based approach

Take a value-based approach to marketing management and develop the skills and capabilities that can make you a more relevant and influential marketer for your business today

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Optimize your pricing to maximize your profits

Understand the gaps in your pricing capabilities and develop a concrete action plan to secure and increase your company's profit margin

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Make smart moves that drive your business forward

Diagnose your external and internal business arenas and formulate strategic approaches to solve your current and future business challenges

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