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AI ethics and the future of data

24 November 2023 • by Michael R. Wade, Amit M. Joshi in Podcasts

Mike and Amit discuss how big tech can mitigate ethical problems in AI and what role regulation will play in this rapidly growing industry....

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Since generative AI exploded into public consciousness, people and companies have been worrying about its ethics. But, says Amit Joshi, before considering rogue programs or the replacement of human thought, one must first consider the ABCs of AI ethics.

Accuracy is the first big issue. How can one trust or disseminate the work of generative AI when it is so prone to hallucinating?

Bias is a problem too. In a recent survey of image-generating AI models, when asked to produce a picture of a CEO, there was a 94% chance of a male image being produced. Requests for a “cashier” returned images of females 84% of the time.

The big C here is copyright. Generative AI may seem to produce original content but how is one to know where the ideas truly originate? Might that magical marketing slogan produced by Chat GPT simply be lifted from another company?

These problems are just the start. Mike Wade worries about the privacy of data, image recognition, and protection. Together, he and Amit discuss how big tech can mitigate these problems and whether a fair system can be achieved through regulation.


Michael Wade is Professor of Innovation and Strategy and Director of the IMD Global Center for Digital Business Transformation. He also holds the Tonomus Professorship in Digital Business Transformation. An expert in digital transformation, he has published 10 books and more than 100 case studies, as well as articles on topics such as digital business transformation, innovation, strategy, and digital leadership.

Amit Joshi is Professor of AI, Analytics, and Marketing Strategy. He specializes in helping organizations use artificial intelligence and develop their big data, analytics, and AI capabilities. An award-winning professor and researcher, he has extensive experience in AI and analytics-driven transformations in industries such as banking, fintech, retail, automotive, telecoms, and pharma.

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