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Re-energizing: How to form new habits 

IbyIMD+ Published 22 April 2024 in Brain Circuits • 4 min read

Building new habits can help you optimize your energy output. Check out these four steps to get started on creating new, sustainable habits with positive results.

Your energy is fueled and sustained by your habits. To perform at your best more often, look to form habits that recharge your batteries and veer away from those that drain them.

To get started today on new, helpful habits, here’s a four-part list:

What: Goals

Describe what you wish to happen: a behavior, mindset, etc. Use all your senses: what you wish to see, hear, do, feel…

E.g., I want to:

  • Switch off after I leave work
  • Play tennis once a month
  • Walk for ten minutes a day

How: Habit

A habit that sticks is made up of many smaller practices. List three or four “mini-habits” to start. A mini-habit should be meaningful to you as well as doable on a regular basis, even when you’re tired or busy.

E.g., I will…

  • Stop answering emails when I arrive home
  • Park my car further away from the office
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