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Brain Circuits

Five key energy batteries 

IbyIMD+ Published 21 March 2024 in Brain Circuits • 3 min read

How can you optimize how you use your energy? Check these five dimensions first.

The daily maintenance of your energy levels can help you thrive at the intense pace expected of leaders today.

Energy is not just physical or psychological – it’s multi-dimensional. Based on our experience over the last 25 years (and building upon the work of Tony Schwartz and others), we’ve identified five “energy batteries” that impact leaders’ well-being:

1. Physical battery, referring to physical health and vitality

– Depleted by: A lack of sleep, a lack of physical exercise, and poor nutrition.

+ Charged by: Sleep, movement, and a healthy diet.

2. Mental battery, referring to focus, clarity, and intellectual agility

– Depleted by: Constant demands and interruptions.

+ Charged by: Practicing mindfulness and learning new topics.

3. Emotional battery, referring to creativity, emotional intelligence, and self-regulation

– Depleted by: Managing conflict and rehashing hurtful events.

+ Charged by: Enjoyable activities, restorative hobbies, creative practices, and quality time with family and friends.

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