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Have you considered the actual relationship between E, S, and G?

IbyIMD+ Published 23 November 2021 in Brain Circuits • 2 min read

While most companies are jumping on the ESG bandwagon, many gaps remain between what companies say and their actions. One of the barriers to real action may be a lack of understanding on how these goals are interrelated. Before your business can craft an effective ESG strategy, it is first necessary to fully understand the relationship between the E, the S, and the G.

The meaning of ESG

The EU defines ESG as follows:

E: Environmental considerations: These might include climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as the environment more broadly, for instance the preservation of biodiversity, pollution prevention, and the circular economy.

S: Social considerations: This could refer to inequality, inclusiveness, labor relations, investment in human capital and communities, as well as human rights issues.


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