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Ina Toegel is Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change at IMD. Her teaching activities invoke experiential learning and focus on a range of topics - from leading self and leading high-performance teams, to emotion management and leading organizational change.

Her research focuses on team dynamics, organizational change management, top management teams during corporate renewal, and founder influence.

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Webinar with Ina Toegel and Michael Yaziji

Turning on the camera and logging into Zoom might seem simple but there is far more to the art of useful virtual communication. Do we really understand this format? What are the major barriers we are experiencing to the best possible experience of this new normal way to work?

Article by Mikolaj Jan Piskorski, Ina Toegel, Maude Lavanchy

As societies across many parts of the world are making legal and cultural progress to embrace the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans community, many companies are still lagging behind in this process.

Article by Ina Toegel and Mikolaj Jan Piskorski

Switzerland has made encouraging strides since embracing gender equality laws in 1981, but it is time to pick up the pace in the fight for fairness – starting with executive leadership.

Article by Ina Toegel and Maude Lavanchy

While classical economic models predict that discrimination on the basis of characteristics such as gender should naturally disappear thanks to competition, reality seems to tell a different story. Three tips for women in the workplace: learn, speak up and react.


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