Case Study

Nestlé: The growing retail role of hard discounters like Aldi

14 pages
September 2008
Reference: IMD-5-0736

This case is best used as part of a three case series designed to explore the implications of the emergence of hard discounters in the retail channel. The series explores the relation between hard discounters and traditional retailers on the one hand and manufacturers and hard discounters on the other hand. Featured firms include ALDI, Tesco (IMD-5-0737) and Nestlé (IMD-5-0738). This case explores the business model of a hard discounter, namely ALDI.

Learning Objective

The case series is designed to explore the implications of the emergence of a low cost retailer for other retailers as well as manufacturers.

Retail, Channel Relationship, Pricing, Competition, Branding, Food
Field Research
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