Case Study

Doosan Infracore International: Portable power brand transformation (B)

3 pages
December 2010
Reference: IMD-5-0763

As Stefan Brosick, Director of Global Product Strategy wondered whether Doosan would benefit from an immediate re-branding, or if other branding strategies might be more effective, regional issues began to emerge. The challenge of selecting the optimal strategy (keep the IR brand, co-brand, extended retention, immediate re-brand) was compounded by international product and channel differences. These differences in turn affected key tactical branding decisions. Resolving these differences would impact not only which of the four brand transformation strategies to pursue but also whether they should be implemented globally or customized regionally.

Learning Objective

The case illustrates the complexities of developing global branding strategies for companies with established lines of business throughout the world. Analyses of market similarities and differences for various branding elements can be conducted, leading to global standardization versus regional customization strategy decisions.

Business to Business, Industrial Marketing, Branding, Global Branding, Acquisition Integration, Construction Equipment
World/global, South Korea
Doosan Group
Field Research
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