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Leadership programs

Develop key leadership capabilities and accelerate your impact as a leader

Leadership programs

Develop key leadership capabilities and accelerate your impact as a leader

It’s time to refocus your leadership

In today’s context of uncertainty, the way you lead yourself and others is more important than ever. How are you playing to your strengths, mobilizing your team, steering organizational change, and restoring confidence in these challenging times?

Our portfolio of programs enables you to develop essential leadership skills:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your leadership style, traits and values.
  • Discover mindful leadership as you build your resilience and adaptability.
  • Deep dive below the surface of team dynamics and build high-performing teams.
  • Maximize your potential to make a profound and sustainable impact on your team and your organization.
Build comprehensive skills

Develop a comprehensive leadership skillset to effectively drive your organization, grounded in today’s complex realities.

Prepare for transitions

Accelerate readiness to transition to higher levels of responsibility in fast-changing, turbulent environments.

Be a better strategic decision-maker and resilient leader

Hone your decision-making skills and restore your confidence and energy for new sources of inspiration.

Gain an outside-in perspective

Make sense of and think critically about the impact and potential opportunities presented by disruptive market forces on your business. Learn from peers.

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“Leadership is a journey for life.”

Learn more about leadership at IMD, as Ben Bryant, Professor of Leadership, expands on how every leader is unique and transformation begins with you.

What our leadership program participants say
Transformational Leader participant Ozan Çiçek - IMD Business School
Ozan Çiçek

Managing Director, Knorr-Bremse CVS Türkiye and MENA, Turkey

It was a game-changer for me

Transformational Leader was a game-changer for me as both a human and a leader. The program fostered an atmosphere of trust and learning , allowing me to further hone my skills in what I would call the ‘human’ side of leadership. I’m thrilled with the experience and grateful for the chance to grow personally and professionally.

High Performance Leadership participant Kathy Cavill - IMD Business School
Kathy Cavill

General Manage, Danone, Australia & New Zealand

Prepare to be challenged, supported, and inspired

High Performance Leadership is the highest quality program I have ever experienced. Beyond tips and techniques, it gets to the core of who you are and how your life experiences have impacted the leader you are today. Prepare to be challenged, supported, and inspired… and to leave knowing how you can lead at your best.

IECC participant Christophe Schnoebelen - IMD Business School
Christophe Schnoebelen

Learning & Operational Excellence Project Manager, Luxury industry, Switzerland

The program was life-changing

For me, the IMD Executive Coaching Certificate program was life-changing. Previously, my focus centered solely on coaching techniques and frameworks. I discovered that to unleash the extraordinary in others, I first had to unlock my own potential. It’s the only coaching program I’ve attended that provides 360-degree personal support, with coaching, mentoring and supervision. By evolving into a better version of myself, I forged a distinct coaching philosophy that deepened the relationship with my coachees and accelerated their success.

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