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Brain circuits

The right questions to ask for specific business situations: Part two

IbyIMD+Published 9 December 2021 in Brain circuits • 2 min read

The success of leaders is contingent on the quality of their decision-making. To make the best decisions, it is first necessary to ask the right questions. As this depends highly on the situation, we have rounded up questions for specific situations that leaders encounter on a regular basis.

In part one, we looked at questions to prepare for the future, examining corporate digital responsibility, choosing the right governance model, and balancing ESG and CDR. Here are more scenarios leaders regularly encounter:

Questions to help new CEOs form an action plan

Having been hired as an agent of change, a CEO must take a good look around the boardroom and try to decipher where changes need to be made, where fresh blood is needed, and where some degree of continuity may be needed. Reaching this decision is never easy, but asking yourself these four crucial questions can help.

Questions that reveal your company’s culture

Your company’s culture heavily influences whether you will be at the forefront of innovation or not. People won’t always tell you the truth about the company’s shared beliefs, but there are several questions you can ask that will reveal it, which you can read here.

Questions to help evaluate your virtual team-building.

Top teams require personal connections to ensure cohesion and functioning on a higher level. This has been harder since teams across the globe have been forming and changing in a virtual world. Here are five questions to ask yourself when evaluating your efforts to create effective teams in a virtual environment.

Questions to help you prepare for a cyberattack

It’s not a matter of if, but rather when, your organization will experience a cyberattack. It is essential to prepare your company for this inevitability. To determine whether you have assembled the right team to address the problem when it happens, there are four key questions to ask, which you can read here.

Questions to evaluate whether you are adding value as a leader

Shareholders and customers have a lot of demands and expectations of company leadership. Here are three questions to ask yourself if you are adding the value that stakeholders expect.

Questions to ask to increase your productivity

If you are feeling pulled in several different directions at once, you are not alone. This can make it easy to get off track and next thing you know, you are not accomplishing your goals. Here are three questions to ask yourself to get back on track.




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