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Brain circuits

The four principles to survive disruption and flourish in a changing world

IbyIMD+ Published 8 October 2021 in Brain circuits • 2 min read

In a world of constant disruption, the difference between companies that survive and those that are left behind is their ability to LEAP. What LEAP means is the ability to jump from your core competency to another knowledge or capability base. Those companies that can easily leap early and repeatedly are the ones that are the most successful and enjoy longevity. There are four main principles behind LEAP.


Look beyond peer group benchmarking: Organizations need to completely embrace all kinds of industry logic. If you are looking only at your current direct competition, it will be very difficult to see the next level of core competencies you need to be striving to achieve. You must be externally curious, looking at what players outside your industry are doing and how you might leverage that for your business.


Allocate resource allocation to…

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