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Brain circuits

How to assess your personal energy budget

IbyIMD+ Published 16 June 2022 in Brain circuits β€’ 3 min read

At some point, all of us experience a sense of lethargy: feeling unproductive and unable to get things done as we normally do. This is especially true in times of crisis, as people across the globe have been dealing with over the last couple of years. And while a lot has been written about self-care, sometimes it is hard to identify what exactly is bringing you down, and how to get back to your best self. This is where an energy budget comes into play.

We are used to tracking resources, both at work and home, to make sure that output doesn’t exceed means, but very few people do this when it comes to their personal wellbeing. Just as with any other resource, your energy is precious and limited. So, if you are feeling depleted, you need to know what the drain is, and where you may be…

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