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Brain Circuits

How to get your mojo back at work

IbyIMD+ Published 7 June 2022 in Brain Circuits • 3 min read

Leaders need to practice self-care and model it for those they lead. If you or your team are less productive, stop and take some time to identify what’s been draining your energy. I recommend doing this through an energy budget. In part one of this series, we discussed how to identify your energy drainers. It is equally important to know how to recharge your energy levels, and that can be different for each individual.

If you realize that your energy budget has gone into the red, meaning there is more draining you than recharging you, then it’s time to take a look at how to boost yourself back up. As with the first exercise, this is a great exercise to do by yourself or with your team.

Questions to identify your rechargers

As with drainers, you should consider this across five dimensions:…

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