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Brain circuits

Are you asking questions in optimal order?

IbyIMD+ Published 4 March 2022 in Brain circuits • 2 min read

For today’s brain circuit, let’s consider a couple of basic, but not uncommon scenarios.

Imagine a woman goes to her doctor and the physician asks her how her energy levels are. She responds that her energy has been really low, she is fatigued all the time, and feels like she is walking around in a fog. The physician immediately wants to order a number of blood tests, but the woman refuses. Can you suppose why?

The answer:

She doesn’t believe she needs any tests. She is feeling the fatigue because she has a newborn baby at home.

Consider this: You are working at your desk and the light suddenly goes out. What do you do first? Check the lightbulb? Try other light switches in the room? Head to the fuse box? Call an electrician?

These scenarios both illustrate common situations where it is clearly necessary to consider why something is happening…

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