Case Study

Unilever Food Solutions journey (D): Progress and lessons learned

4 pages
March 2007
Reference: IMD-3-1779

This case series follows the journey of Unilever Foodsolutions and its President Diego Bevilacqua over a 4 year journey to build a “formidable force in foodservice.” The D case highlights the key events and actions, as the Unilever Foodsolutions organization really starts to work together and deliver much improved results. It also sets out the key lessons Diego shares from his time leading the journey.

Learning Objective

The case series is designed to introduce the concepts of strategy as a journey, and the need to engage a team/organization emotionally as well as intellectually in order to build commitment to a shared strategy. This underpins the must-win battle approach. It also highlights the need for leadership if the hurdles in the journey to transforming an organization are to be overcome.

Top Team-building, Must-win Battles, Merger, Acquisition, Change, Food Services
Field Research
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