Case Study

Schoeller Plast Industries and returnable transport systems (Abridged)

11 pages
December 1997
Reference: IMD-3-0730

Brief description of Schoeller’s development to a pioneering producer of returnable plastic bottle crates; business situation of Schoeller, societal background and political pressure of the 1980s (and beginning 1990s) in Germany. Description of the innovation process and the concept of Schoeller’s Returnable Transport Container System (MTS); pros and cons of returnable and one-way-systems. Case enables analysis of new entrepreneurial situation with respect to environment and close-loop systems, definition of barriers and key factors for success, application of stakeholder approach and early warning systems, analysis and formation of organizational structure, formation of strategy for market introduction of new product solutions (esp. MTS), formation of strategy for Schoeller.

Transportation Packaging, Environmental Regulation, Packaging
Field Research
© 1997
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