Case Study

Project bullet: EDucating charly huber-haag

9 pages
June 2008
Reference: IMD-5-0734

The Project Bullet case study is about how Nestle Infant Nutrition revitalized its global infant formula business. It deals with strategic issues like renovating existing and aging brands of the company and also bringing in new marketing innovations to an otherwise stagnant business. This case describes how the marketing team unified the company’s infant formula product portfolios across markets while bringing consistency in marketing and sales practices. Another important element that the case brings out is how the project team achieved widespread country management support towards making its marketing strategy globally consistent and effective.

Learning Objective

The Project bullet Case Study can be used to: 1) show an example of successful repositioning and renovation of aging brands, 2) address issues of garnering global support from markets and also from the top management to drive a successful innovation strategy, 3) illustrate how marketing innovation project teams could showcase winning initiatives from markets and as a result share learnings across these markets.

Renovation, International Marketing, Brand Management, Infant Nutrition, Food
Field Research
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