The Future of Global Retail

A book by Winter Nie, Mark J. Greeven, Yunfei Feng and James Wang

China’s new retail revolution is set to transform how the world thinks about retail and digital innovation. But is the world ready for what is coming?

At a time when the retail industry is already facing an uncertain future, insightful new book The Future of Global Retail provides a clear framework and roadmap to help executives prepare for what comes next. Leading IMD Professors Winter Nie and Mark J Greeven share their insider’s perspective on what is happening in China to reveal some fascinating insights into what the future holds for retail across the rest of the world.

Through a series of exclusive interviews and real-world case studies, the book identifies five critical stages in the development of new retail trends that executives need to grasp: Lifestyle e-Commerce, Online-and-Offline Retail, Social Commerce, Livestream Selling Invisible Commerce.

The Future of Global Retail goes beyond the eye-opening examples to help readers understand the ‘why’ and get ready for this new, China-inspired paradigm in retail. The authors share their expertise to present a practical and simple framework – a ten-year strategic roadmap for global retail executives, which they call the “Beyond” Value Chain Model.
China’s new retail is not just about fashion, cosmetics, snacks, data-driven convenient stores and commercial live streaming. The world of retail may have already been upended, but The Future of Global Retail offers inspirational lessons in innovation, customer centricity, digital disruption, purpose and agility for global executives across the entire retail spectrum and other industries. It contrasts and analyses, not only presenting the cases but also sharing insights of the “why” behind the trends and the key lessons to take away based on research and real experiences.

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Winter Nie
Professor Winter Nie
Professor of Management


Winter Nie’s expertise lies at the intersection of leadership and change management. She has a deep understanding of how people at different levels in an organization react to change and how leaders can…

Mark Greeven
Professor Mark Greeven
Professor of Innovation and Strategy

Mark Greeven is Professor of Innovation and Strategy at IMD. Drawing on a decade of experience in research, teaching and consulting in China, Mark explores how to organize innovation in a turbulent world. He has been…

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Yunfei Feng
Researcher at IMD

Yunfei Feng is a researcher at IMD and had many in-depth interviews and discussions with the Chinese executives. She has kept up with the most cutting-edge development in China’s e-commerce and digital space.…

James Wang
James Wang
Economist and Professor of Finance at City University, Hong Kong

James Wang is an economist and a Professor of Finance at City University of Hong Kong. His commentaries, written for hedge fund managers, on topics such as Sino-American relations, style and substance of the 5th-…

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