How can a business shield itself from copycats?

LEAP: How to thrive in a world where everything can be copied is an award-winning book by IMD professor of management and innovation Howard Yu.

In his work, Yu shows that succeeding in today’s marketplace is no longer just a matter of mastering the old copycat tactics. Despite patent filings, market dominance, and financial resources, copycat competition continues to pose an existential threat to all businesses.

Filled with riveting case studies of successful leaps and tragic falls—Steinway pianos, Southern textile mills, and Detroit-based carmakers are among the failing—Leap is a manifesto for how pioneering companies can endure and prosper in a world of constant change and inevitable copycats.

Business strategy

How P&G made the leap from handcrafted soaps and candles to mass production, then into consumer psychology and advertising, then again, into synthetic detergents.

business money

How Novartis and other pharma pioneers keep making money by making leaps in drug breakthroughs from chemistry to microbiology to genomics.

Business Boost

How a New York-based NGO Community Solutions made a leap to tackle homelessness by combining human empathy with data analytics.


How forward-thinking companies from China are leaping ahead by leveraging the emergence of ubiquitous connectivity

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