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IMD Faculty members publish 10/15 new books per year. Here are the list of the most recent ones.

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Execution and Change Fieldbook linkButton Execution and Change Fieldbook

by IMD Professor Bettina Büchel

IMD Publishing, 2016

The goal of this fieldbook is to provide you with support in executing and ensuring change around the initiative that you or your team is in charge of. Over the last couple of years of our work with individuals and teams responsible for implementing strategic change, these frameworks have been used successfully in the midst of change. They are built around a set of building blocks for implementing strategic change. This is not an exhaustive list, but a useful support that allows you to reflect and to progress your initiative. The frameworks are structured around 12 guiding questions that are relevant during the implementation of strategic change.

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Strategy is Digital linkButton Strategy is Digital

How Companies Can Use Big Data in the Value Chain

by IMD Professor Carlos Cordon, Pau Garcia-Milà, Teresa Ferreira Villarino and Pablo Caballero

Springer, 2016

This book presents strategies and practices to allow everyday companies to cope with the fundamentally changing landscape of business models and to take advantage of the huge business opportunities arising from the advent of big data. It develops several case studies from companies in traditional industries like LEGO, Yamato and Mediq, but also examines small start-ups like Space Tango, which is partnering with major multinationals to develop new business models using big data. The book argues that businesses need to adapt and embark on their big data journey, helps them take the first step, and guides them along their way. It presents successful examples and deducts essential takeaway lessons from them, equipping executives to capitalize on big data and enabling them to make intelligent decisions in the big data transformation, giving their companies an essential competitive edge.

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Digital_vortex linkButton Digital Vortex

How Today's Market Leaders Can Beat Disruptive Competitors at Their Own Game

by IMD Professor Michael Wade, Jeff Loucks, James Macaulay and Andy Noronha

DBT Center Press, 2016

"Digital disruption" sounds like another business buzzword - until it happens to your company. Seemingly out of nowhere, startups and other tech-savvy disruptors attack. Your customers bolt for the door and revenues stall. Senior executives ignore the problem, or turn to yesterday's management playbook. In months instead of years, you've gone from market leader to also-ran. This scenario is beginning to play out in every industry. Everything that can be digitized - from products and services to the entire value chain - is being digitized, to the advantage of companies that can harness disruption. Unfortunately, few companies are building the organizational capabilities and strategic responses to compete in this stark new reality. In Digital Vortex, you will learn how to use the business models and strategies of startups to your own advantage. Instead of waiting to be disrupted, you can maximize the value of your existing businesses and move into profitable new ones. Most importantly, you will learn how to build the agility to anticipate threats, sense opportunities, and seize them before your rivals do. In today's world there are two paths: navigating to a new digital future, or being engulfed by exponential competitive change. With recommendations backed by research with thousands of senior executives from market leaders and startups alike, this book gives you a compass to chart your own course - to compete with disruptors and win.

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Inspiring Stewardship linkButton Inspiring Stewardship

by IMD Professor Didier Cossin and Ong Boon Hwee

J. Wiley and Sons, 2016

Inspiring Stewardship helps leaders drive sustainable development and growth by balancing short- and long-term objectives amidst competing interests. By examining a range of exceptional individual and organisational stewards alongside insights from quantitative studies, this book unlocks the contributions you can make to enhance your influence and secure your legacy. Profiles of leaders from Ratan Tata to Bill Gates illustrate what stewardship really means, and the attributes and characteristics of steward leaders. Are they fundamentally different? Where do they get their exceptional drive and resilience? Why do they shoulder such huge responsibility? Risks, rewards, motivations and actions are explored in depth to give you a real-world view of stewardship, and to show you how to embody these principles in your own everyday life.

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Are You a Tiger, a Cat or a Dinosaur? linkButton Are You a Tiger, a Cat or a Dinosaur?

100 Questions: How Competitiveness Influences Your Life

by IMD Professor Stephane Garelli

Self-Published, 2016

Competitiveness, like social networks, sustainable development or climate change, is a topic that has captured the world. Politicians, businessmen and media constantly refer to it. What does it mean? How does it influence our lives? The goal of this book is to move beyond academic analysis and illustrate the day-to-day realities of competitiveness. What are the most commonly asked questions? This book offers 100 of them. Some deal with competitiveness (Is boring competitive?), while others deal with leadership (Is failure the price of success?), society (Do we work too much?) and the world around us (What are things worth?). Finally, some are more personal (Are you irreplaceable?). The style avoids technical terms since economics need not be complicated or boring to be relevant. The answers stress the impact of competitiveness on our daily lives. Why am I concerned? What can I do about it?

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Created in China linkButton Created in China

How China is Becoming a Global Innovator

by IMD Professor Georges Haour and Max Von Zedtwitz

Bloomsbury, 2016

Undisputedly, China has become the world's manufacturing powerhouse, accounting for around half of all personal computers, digital cameras and kitchen appliances. However, the country is fast transitioning from low-cost manufacturing to a higher-value, innovation-led economy, a critical transformation that is at the heart of this new title. Companies are the essential engines of the wealth-creation process, particularly in the areas of internet and mobile telecommunications, and firms such as Tencent and Xiaomi are showing clear potential to become major players. Demonstrating strong commitment to the country's relentless progress in the realm of innovation, the Chinese government has encouraged the development of a business environment in which firms can experiment, operate and thrive. Created in China provides an examination of the critical human factors at play, as well as re-assessing some of the metrics traditionally used to describe and measure China's capacity for innovation.

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New realities linkButton New Realities

Business Dynamics at the Frontiers of Globalization

by IMD Professors Carlos Braga, Jean-Pierre Lehmann; Marc Laperrouza and Fabrice Lehmann

IMD Publishing, 2015

The book New Realities: Business Dynamics at the Frontiers of Globalization presents a series of assessments of where the global economy may be headed. It builds upon business cases from companies in Brazil (operating in agribusiness), China (GVCs), India (education), South Africa (sustainable energy), and Madagascar (textiles and clothing). The impact of geopolitics, diplomacy, and economic growth in terms of global governance, as well as the role of the BRICS in the world economy, is also addressed.

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From Coal to Biotech linkButton From Coal to Biotech

The Transformation of DSM with Business School Support

by IMD Professor Jean-Pierre Jeannet

Springer, 2015

This management book documents the remarkable transformation of DSM, first from a coal mining company to a commodity chemicals producer and then in the last two decades to the life sciences & materials sciences company it is today, with its strong focus on biotechnology.

The book gives an inside view on the ?strategic learning cycles? that have driven this evolutionary transformation. It also discusses the company traits that have contributed to its ability to adapt, grow and prosper. Renowned business schools such as IMD and Babson have accompanied the second transformation of DSM through their executive education programs.

The book documents this support and draws lessons for long-term collaboration between companies and the business school world.

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Changing employee behavior linkButton Changing Employee Behavior

A Practical Guide for Managers

by IMD Professor Shlomo Ben-Hur and Nik Kinley

Palgrave Macmillan, 2015

An important part of every manager's job is changing people's behavior: to improve someone's performance, get them to better manage relationships with colleagues, or to stop them doing something. Yet, despite the fact that changing people's behavior is such an important skill for managers, too many are unsure how to actually go about it.

This book reveals the simple, but powerful techniques for changing behavior that experts from a range of disciplines have been using for years, making them available to all managers in a single and comprehensive toolkit for change that managers can use to drive and improve the performance of their staff. Based on research conducted for this book, it introduces practical techniques drawn from the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, and behavioral economics, and show how they can be applied to address some of the most common, every-day challenges that managers face.

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