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International Management Behavior:

Leading with a Global Mindset

Martha Maznevski and Joe DiStefano

International Management Behavior: Leading with a Global Mindset

Martha Maznevski
Joe DiStefano
Henry Lane
Joerg Deetz
John Wiley & Sons, 2009
422 pages
ISBN 978-0-470-71412-6

Now in its sixth edition, International Management Behavior continues to help students develop the knowledge, perspective, and skills they need in order to conduct global business successfully. The combination of well-chosen, new and classic cases, as well as a completely revised text, provides excellent exposure to real-life management issues and a field-tested framework for understanding cross-cultural dynamics. Elimination of the readings has provided for greater flexibility and customization.

For the sixth edition, the structure of the book has been totally revised and the text thoroughly updated to reflect the authors’ recent experiences. Material in the original chapters has been expanded and there are new chapters on managing change in global organizations and one on managing global teams and networks. The concept of the global mindset is used as the integrating theme that establishes a framework for the book making it applicable at both individual/team and organizational levels. This book continues its tradition and orientation about managing people from different cultures and managing global organizations to get effective results.

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