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FrieslandCampina Foodservice (D): Implementing the must win battles

4 pages
December 2014
Reference: IMD-3-2441

FrieslandCampina is a leading international dairy cooperative. European foodservice is seen as an opportunity for profitable growth. The idea is to set up a new European operating company to provide a single face to the customer and sell all relevant dairy products. The case study; in five parts; details key moments in a two year journey to carve out a new division. This includes: new strategy; defining must win battles; overcoming resistance; embedding the change. In parallel; the case explores the dynamic of changing the business leader during the strategy definition phase. Case A explores the challenges involved in getting the global board to agree to set up a new operating company focused on foodservice in Europe. Case B explores decisions related to strategy definition and using external expertise. In addition; the business leader faces an important career choice and dilemma. Case C: The new strategy and must win battles are defined at an offsite workshop. The dynamics are explored: challenge of defining the right battles; dealing with the hopes and fears of the top 80 leaders; and announcing the change of leadership during the strategy workshop. Case D: The European strategy is cascaded to the units. The first business unit workshop goes well; but the second unit demonstrates high resistance. The case explores: the dynamic between regional and local businesses; and choices about how to deal with change resistance. Case E: The epilogue summarizes the outcomes: a follow on top-90 workshop; defining capabilities; managing the transition from strategy to implementation. The new business leader shares his reflections on leadership and strategy based on his first six months leading the business.

Learning Objective

Organization: right organization to serve the foodservice in Europe. Strategy & Must Win Battles: requirement for a new strategy; challenge to define Must Win Battles with top 80 across three day workshop. Leadership: role of leadership in setting a vision; strategy and building a new division. Leadership transition: challenge of career management at senior executive levels; leadership transition during times of high change. Change: challenges obtaining board level approval; challenges cascading a regional strategy to local business units.

Must-win Battles, Leadership Transition, Food Services, Organization, Change
Europe, Netherlands
FrieslandCampina, Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage
Field Research
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