Global Signals

In a rapidly changing environment, what are the global indicators that help you to keep track and make sense of the different events and trends affecting business? What are the opportunities you might have missed out on?

At IMD, we believe these are crucial questions that business leaders should be asking themselves. To this end, IMD has created “IMD Global Signals™” to be used in class-facilitated sessions.

This page offers a selection of IMD's Global Signals with one "Signal of the Month" to reflect the top current indicator.

Holistic enterprise technology

Many organizations are still adopting new technologies piecemeal to accomplish a pressing task rather than using them to reimagine new business processes and holistic business solutions. ...

Human augmentation

Stronger, better, smarter, more attractive – the possibilities of human augmentation are not limited to sci-fi. Whether to help the disabled, give soldiers a robotic boost, or simply to o...

3D printing

Imagine producing virtually anything including complex designs, quickly and efficiently without the need for heavy machinery and considerable financial investment. What would you prototyp...

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

How can non-tech companies benefit from artificial intelligence and machine learning? How will AI change your industry? And, will artificial intelligence evolve into the benign, albeit bu...

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