Global signals

In a rapidly changing environment, what are the global indicators that help you to keep track and make sense of the different events and trends affecting business? What are the opportunities you might have missed out on?

At IMD, we believe these are crucial questions that business leaders should be asking themselves. To this end, IMD has created “IMD Global Signals™” to be used in class-facilitated sessions.


Plastic is a ubiquitous part of modern life. However, the sheer amount produced has put a strain on recycling facilities and waste management systems. This and plastic’s non-degradability...

Solid waste buildup

By 2050, global waste will increase by 70% if current trends persist, according to data from the World Bank. Rapid urbanization and growing populations are the main drivers of the garbage...

Accelerating global climate change

The costs of climate change are growing. Intense storms can shave full percentage points off a country’s GDP, as the focus switches from expanding to rebuilding. How will your organizatio...

Access to water

The United Nations anticipates a global shortfall in water by 2030. Since all human activities are closely connected to the availability and quality of water, this shortfall may have pote...

Animals for future food

Industrial agriculture is cited as the most significant contributor to climate change, according to the FAO, and raising livestock puts a particular strain on the environment. Yet demand ...

Biophilic cities

A growing “biophilic cities” movement aims to help urbanites enjoy the benefits of abundant nature in the heart of their cities. As more and more people flock to megacities, how can gover...

Declining biodiversity

With natural resources under strain, the world's landscape is changing. This will result in serious implications for many businesses, which can no longer ignore their impact or dependence...

Degrading environment

If we continue to produce, consume and power our lives the way we do right now, land, forests, oceans and weather systems could be overwhelmed and irreversibly damaged. What is your compa...

Growing need for sustainability

As Jeffrey Hollander, founder of Seventh Generation, once said, “Less bad is not equal to good.” Organizations need to move beyond measuring how they minimize harm and move toward how the...

Renewable resources

European politicians may require firms to mainstream their environmental footprint in their annual reports. Firms may be shifting toward reducing their carbon footprint but the lack of a ...

Scarcity of natural resources

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Yet, most companies are unaware of the resource risks within their supply chains. Does your organization understand the extent to which all ...

The circular economy

What if manufacturers designed all their products to be repairable? What if raw materials and products were reused as much as possible? What if we thought in cycles instead of the linear ...

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