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returning to the offices

Brain circuits

Managing the issues of returning to the office

Published 18 November 2021 in Brain circuits • 2 min read

As we approach the end of 2021, businesses across the globe are still at varying states of staffing their offices. While some companies have tried to get employees come back, many workers have pushed back, indicating they didn’t want to be back in the office full time. Those who are heading back to their office desks, part time or otherwise, are encountering a host of emotions associated with the return.

If you are experiencing tension and anxiety, you are not alone. Your body responds to this anxiety as interpreting potential threats. Here are some tips to remind your nervous system you are not in danger.

The social contact of the office can actually prove to be a restorative thing, but when you are out of practice with these interactions, you need to be aware that your emotional responses as a leader might be a bit out of whack. Here is an exercise to get your emotions back in check.

The vaccine is available in most developed countries these days, but when dealing with international teams not everyone may have the same access; reasons still exist why some people may have been unable to get vaccinated. Here are some tips for remaining sensitive to the vaccine haves and have nots issues.

One thing to remember as you lead teams that are just beginning to interact in person again is that during the last year and a half everyone has had to take on new burdens, many have suffered loss and the isolation has thrown everyone out of practice in terms of social interaction skills. As a leader you need to stay positive and give your team the room to get comfortable again.

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